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Enzyme Drain Cleaners vs hard Chemical Drain Cleaners

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Enzyme Drain Cleaners vs hard Chemical Drain Cleaners 

Everyone is aware of Chemical drain cleaners, every marketplace is flooded with a plethora of drain cleaning products that are laden with chemicals.

Most of the chemical drain cleaners contain corrosive or potassium hydroxide or sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and lye (sodium hydroxide) in up to 50% concentrate.

These are highly corrosive chemicals and in long term, they reduce the life of drain pipes.

The enzyme drain cleaners are more safe alternatives, as they mostly contain cleaning enzymes that are produced by bacteria cultures.

Enzyme-based drain cleaners are effective yet moderately safe in the environment. Causeless to no harm on long term usage to drain pipes.

They are costly, however, owing to their sophisticated manufacturing process. Also, the availability is challenging of enzyme-based drain cleaners in all geographies.

The downside of enzyme-based drain cleaners

  1. Enzyme-based drain cleaners take longer to feast on the clog and clear the clogged drain, sometimes more than 24 hours. So using enzyme-based drain cleaners is preferred by the person with a lot of patience
  2. Enzyme-based drain cleaners are costly compared to chemical-based cleaners, there are however some alternatives by some manufacturer whose cost is at par with chemical-based drain cleaners 
Think of a subject that starts with either the letter "D" or "S". Find it, and make a photo!

The benefit of enzyme-based drain cleaners

  1. Enzyme-based drain cleaners help the environment, less pollute drains and precious water resources like rivers and thus impact positively on all marine life.
  2. Enzyme-based drain cleaners are non-corrosive to metal and plastic drain pipes, thus preventing damage, which otherwise would have to occur and bring long-term savings to the user. Also considering the cost of replacing pipes or even minuscule plumbing work being huge these days, the long and repetitive use of enzyme-based cleaner actually saves a lot

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How to Clean Drain and Prevent Clogged Drains in 2020

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Below are a few tips to clean and prevent drain from clogging.

drain cleaning tips 2020

So you have got a clogged drain, another few minutes will be spent in finding ways to save trouble of water spilling on your floor and that pungent odor!

Preventing clogged drains

  1.  Cooking grease is one of the most notorious culprit. So our #1 tips to prevent drain from clogging is to try and pour used grease oil in an old container and dispose in the trash. Even if 50% of the time you stick to not pouring this used grease in sink and instead disposing using trash bin. This will prevent drain pipe from clogging for a very long.
  2. If you have an instant geyser attached to you tap. It is recommended to run mild hot water through the sink thrice a day. Hot water will ease the flow of oil and greasy stuff through the drain thus keeping food particles from building up in the interior surface of pipes.
  3. Drain strainer is a very important piece of equipment protecting your drain pipes and increasing their life span.  It is also important to leave strainer in place at all times. Keep an extra strainer as a backup if strainer in use is lifted for cleaning this backup strainer can be fitted in place. Believe me, strainer is like a protective vest. And its value is most of the time underestimated.


Few commonly asked Questions on usage of Drain Cleaners:

Q1-How often can I use liquid fire in my bathroom sink?

Only a few times, when lines are clogged and water doesn’t drain or drains very slow, maybe when none of the traditional methods works. Liquid fire drain cleaners are usually high acids and they can eat or corrode any metal components if used often. In moderation they are safe for Septic Tank Systems. They should never be used in conjugation with any other chemical or drain cleaner. It is recommended to read the directions for usage carefully.

Q-2: I used Liquid Fire on tub and a bit backed up and removed the surface shine finish of the tub.  Is there something that we can apply to tub to return surface finish?

Interesting Reads on DIY refinishing the surface of the Tub. : http://www.wikihow.com/Refinish-Bathtubs and This http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/article/0,,197046,00.html

And you might be interested in taking a look at this kit

AquaFinish Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Kit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00642JDTM?m=A17LV7MCB6JG1B&qid=1453122277&ref_=sr_1_1&s=merchant-items&sr=1-1

Q-3 Are liquid fire drain cleaner safe on PVC pipes

Most drain cleaners are water based acids or alkalis and are tested to be safe for usage on PVC pipes in designated quantities.

Knowledgebase: Links to a few datasheet

Find it here : 
  1. http://www.ruralking.com/media/blfa_files/liquid_fire_hazard_sheet_1.pdf
  2. http://www.tmssouth.com/downloads/liquid%20fire%20msds1.pdf