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Drain Cleaning Tips – General 2015

The main part of any plumbing system is your drains. They are the portion of plumbing in which flushed waste and discarded water pass through to empty into the septic system or sewer. These are drains through which we get rid of waste water leftover from many activities.
Without drains it would have been difficult getting rid of the waste and alternative would have been with buckets that are dumped outside causing a huge mess and smell along with health hazards. Unfortunately, over time drains can become clogged with food junks, kitchen waste materials, bathroom waste like hairs, etc. and built-up grease. Here are a few tips to perform Drain cleaning:
Approach#1 - Prepare a drain cleaning mixture at home to keep your drains clear and clean. This drain cleaning mixture can be made of vinegar and baking soda and once prepared you can put this mixture in your drains once a month to keep them flowing.  To prepare this mixture of vinegar and baking soda, you would need: • One cup of baking soda • One cup of vinegary • Three to four quarts of very hot water Once a month you can follow: Pour the cup of baking soda into your drains following up with the vinegar and the boiling hot water. These three things combined cause a non-toxic chemical reaction that will help to push sediments down the drain trap helping your drain to open up and allow the flow. The baking soda is known to absorb the odors that are found in your drain. The vinegar has acidic properties that attack some of the hazardous pathogens that are found in your drain and the pipes. Using this recipe will also help to unclog a drain that is filled with loose debris too. Approach#2: The best tool to unclog a drain is the plunger. You can place plunger over the hole of the drain and vigorously pump several times to loosen the stuff that is clogging the drain. Remember to give the plunger a good suction strength and for that you should have about two inches of water in the sink, or just enough to cover the rubber part of the plunger. You may need to use a plumber's snake. It is a tool that has a long flexible steel cable that is wrapped around a hand crank. Before using it you need to remove the drain trap found in the cabinet below the sink. You can then insert the plumber snake into the pipe that leads to the sewer system and spin it in a clockwise motion. This motion will cause the loosening of stuff that is clogging the drain and you can can also take out some of the clogging stuff if required by pulling out the plumbing snake You can also use a chemical drain cleaner as a last resort. When a clog occurs, it causes huge troubles with the functioning of the plumbing. There are a variety of steps that can be tried to resolve the blockages, some natural, some chemical and some that require special tools. 

How to clean clogged drains

You can deal with all the plumbing issues but a clogged drain is rather an impossible thing to avoid. It’s like you can run you can hide but you can’t ignore all that stinking smell that emits from a clogged drain and all the dirty water that starts to spill out making it a mess back there. Though you need not to worry at all, Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner is at rescue, to help you in getting rid of clogged drains and related mess. All you need to do is buy it and then read all its related precautions while using it carefully as it may turn out to be dangerous as it contains strong chemicals that help in diluting all the drain clogging junk, but if used in a proper and careful way it really is useful.

Buy Liquid Fire Drain Cleaners :

Drain cleaners are easily available in market as per your convenience and there are so many types of drain cleaners that you can choose from as per your requirement. For big clogged troubles and for light, you can find them as per your requirement.  

Different types of liquid fire drain cleaner

A liquid fire drain cleaner is a product which is used to clear blocked fire drains, sewer pipes and prevents clogged drains. There are different types of products available in the market for the purpose of drain clearing. There are advantages and disadvantages attached to all the different products. The choice of drain cleaner of course depends on your requirement.

Chemical drain cleaners

These can be easily bought at the local hardware store. These cleaners can be acidic or alkaline and are both liquid as well as solid. These cleaners are effective and easy to use which has made them popular in spite of the hazards associated with them. These cleaners can easily injure the eyes or the skin and hence you should be careful while using them

Liquid Fire Drain CleanerAir burst drain cleaners

These are another popular type of drain cleaners and they are different from the Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner because they don’t use chemicals or enzymes. These cleaners create a pressure by accelerating gas and remove the clogs with the help of this pressure. This method enables immediate unclogging of drains and pipes. However, these are ineffective in cleaning pipes in which there is no standing water. While using these drains cleaners you should protect your eyes with good goggles.

Handheld drain cleaners

These are handheld augers that can clear blocks which come within meters of the opening of the drain. Unlike liquid fire drain cleaner they don’t use chemicals or enzymes to clear drains.  A drum is rotated with such force that the cable of the auger is driven into the drain where the clog is located. These drain cleaners can be bought from any hardware store and are quite inexpensive. However, these drain cleaners can only be used with pipes which have a diameter of up to 50mm. The ceramic toilet bowl can also become scratched while using them.

Electric drain cleaners

They are also known as plumber’s snake and are extremely effective in cleaning clogged drains. In these cleaners an electric motor creates a mechanical pressure which drives the cable of the cleaner to where the clog is located. These cleaners are very effective in cleaning long sewer pipes without causing any damage or breakage. However, it is difficult to handle these cleaners because they are heavy. They are also quite expensive and mostly used by professional drain cleaners.

In spite of the different types of drain cleaners available in the market the chemical and enzymatic liquid fire drain cleaner is the most popular in normal households. This is because they are the easiest to use an easily available. They are also quite affordable and can clean drains quite effectively. Out of the three different liquid cleaners available in the market the acidic drain cleaner are the most powerful while the enzymatic ones are the most environment friendly. You can log on to the internet and find out more about the different types of drain cleaners available in the market and the best way to use them.

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