How to Clean Drain and Prevent Clogged Drains in 2020

Below are a few tips to clean and prevent drain from clogging.

drain cleaning tips 2020

So you have got a clogged drain, another few minutes will be spent in finding ways to save trouble of water spilling on your floor and that pungent odor!

Preventing clogged drains

  1.  Cooking grease is one of the most notorious culprit. So our #1 tips to prevent drain from clogging is to try and pour used grease oil in an old container and dispose in the trash. Even if 50% of the time you stick to not pouring this used grease in sink and instead disposing using trash bin. This will prevent drain pipe from clogging for a very long.
  2. If you have an instant geyser attached to you tap. It is recommended to run mild hot water through the sink thrice a day. Hot water will ease the flow of oil and greasy stuff through the drain thus keeping food particles from building up in the interior surface of pipes.
  3. Drain strainer is a very important piece of equipment protecting your drain pipes and increasing their life span.  It is also important to leave strainer in place at all times. Keep an extra strainer as a backup if strainer in use is lifted for cleaning this backup strainer can be fitted in place. Believe me, strainer is like a protective vest. And its value is most of the time underestimated.


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